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Lightcash Erases the Boundaries Between the Real World and Blockchain

Based on Blockchain technology, Lightcash provides a mechanism for convenient transactions, together with the ability to instantly exchange Lightcash tokens for fiat money or cryptocurrencies. By using the Lightcash App, users can pay for goods with cryptocurrencies instead of cash. Payments can be made at payment terminals and in many online stores, with only a small commission.

Lightcash is a Financial Marketplace Which Offers Solutions for Integrating Existing World Economies with Decentralized Economies

Foreign Exchange Trading

An exchange for trading currency pairs will be available for many major currencies and cryptocurrencies, including USD, RUB, PLN, UAH, BTC, LTC, DOGE, ETH, ZEC, XMR, KICK, ETC, BCH, etc.


Crowdfunding campaigns are possible on the Lightcash system using customized internal currencies for your project. Essentially, users are able to launch their own mini-ICO's based on a selection of cryptocurrencies traded on the Lightcash system.

Deposit Accounts That Pay Interest

Lightcash users will have an option to open interest-bearing deposit accounts for their cryptocurrencies.

Private Online Marketplace

The Lightcash system will include a private online marketplace, where users can buy or sell goods and services using their project's customized currencies.

Light Pay

Lightcash users will be able to use their cryptocurrency to purchase goods and services online and offline with the Lightcash Light PayTM API.

Virtual and Plastic Cards

Virtual and plastic payment cards with contactless payment.

International Payment Systems

Money transfers can be made via the SWIFT and SEPA international bank transfer systems.

Corporate Accounts

Lightcash corporate accounts are available for businesses, and include the ability to receive payments via QR-codes.

Service Description

After a Lightcash account is opened, an electronic wallet and mobile phone token account are automatically created. Users may then top up their electronic wallet with tokens by using bank cards or other traditional payment systems.

Process Optimization

The Lightcash platform uses algorithms that enable high-performance streamlining of the cryptocurrency exchange process, and notifies clients of alternative payment methods. For example, it may suggest different payment mixes depending on the current cryptoprotocol assessment. In everyday language, all efforts are made to ensure that clients get the best available pricing.

How Does It Work?

After a Lightcash account is opened, an electronic wallet and mobile phone token account are automatically created. Users may then top up their electronic wallet with tokens by using bank cards or other traditional payment systems, or with cryptocurrencies. Major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple may be used. Exchange conversion rates are determined by spot rates for Lightcash tokens on cryptoexchanges.

Buy Lightcash Crypto Gold (LCSH)
a Cryptocurrency Pegged to Actual Gold

Low volatility is achieved by binding the price of the coins to the price of gold, in a ratio of 1000 LCSH's to one gram of gold.

1000 LCSH : 1 gram of Gold

LCSH is backed by gold that is mined from an operating gold deposit owned by Lapri Mining Company LLC.

Operating Gold Mine

The controlling company of the Lightcash project also owns the Lapri Mining Company, LLC, an operating gold mining enterprise.

Gold Mining Company

By purchasing tokens, investors receive an ownership share in the gold mining company. Their return on their invested funds is therefore dependent upon the success of the gold mining company.

Investment Backed by Shares

Purchases of additional gold deposits are planned in the future, which are expected to increase the capitalization of the company and the Lightcash Platform. As a result, the value of the token is expected to increase.

Increases in Capitalization

Everything You Need is in Your Smartphone: Payments, Currency Exchange, Instant Transfers

  • No more waiting to receive your card. You will receive your virtual card immediately after registration.
  • No restrictions or limits on transaction amounts.
  • No need for currency exchange. Instant payments in the monetary or cryptocurrency at the international level.
  • Integration with most wallets and third-party payment services (PayPal, Gyft, WeChat, Alipay, PayTM).
  • Contactless payment options - ApplePay, SamsungPay, AndroidPay, QR-codes, and many others.


January 2016 - September 2016

"Lapri MiningCompany, LLC" was developed, and has been engaged in the mining of ores and sands of precious metals.

License was obtained for geological survey, mineral exploration and resource development.

October 2016 - April 2017

Required equipment was imported, geodetic chain was built, and gold extraction site was prepared.

May 2017 - October 2017

From collected samples, the first 81 kg of gold were produced.

June 2017

Formation of the Lightcash Blockchain System concept.

October 2017

Elaboration of the service architecture and preparation of the "White Paper".

September 2017

Execution of legal documents. Brand book production.

August 2017

Market research and analysis.

July 2017

API and mobile application B2C development for calculation of the cryptocurrency between companies and their users through QR technology.

November 2017

Web & mobile service development launch.

December 2017

Lightcash Open API platform test. Token protocol development, integration with scoring platforms, setting up of self-regulating token exchange algorithms.

January 2018 - February 2018

Selection of the legal jurisdiction for the ICO.

Testing of the Smart contract. General audit of the project

March 2018

March 5th, 2018 - pre-sale starts.
March 12th, 2018 - ICO starts.

July 2018

Planned closing transaction for the purchase of "Greenfield" and commencement of operations.

June 2018

Launch of the Lightcash service.

May 2018

Launch of the Lightcash service beta version.

Market launch of the Lightcash Crypto Gold (LCCT) cryptocurrency.

April 2018

Start of field operations.

Compliance and Customer Data and Financial Security

Lightcash is required by law to provide data and information security for users and investors, as well as to ensure that sufficient funds are held in reserve for recurrent and capital expenditures in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Compliance with SEC Requirements

The Lightcash ICO will be conducted within the requirements of the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission), and under the guidance of appropriate legal counsel.

Escrow of Investor Funds

Funds collected during the ICO will be entrusted to an independent and reputable Escrow agent, to ensure compliance with ICO contractual obligations.

Professional Internet Security
& Data Protection

Information security and data protection will be provided by Group-IB, a recognized global leader in the field of cyber security.

Licenses to conduct international financial activities will be obtained from the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) in Belize. The following licenses will be obtained:

Money remittance license (money transmission services)

Settlement and cash services license (payment processing services)

Primary and financial derivative trading and other securities (trading in financial and commodity-based derivative instruments and other securities)

Currency exchange license (money exchange)

The above licenses will permit Lightcash to operate in compliance with international laws, and will minimize the risk of prosection by international fiscal control, oversight, and enforcement bodies.

Modular Structure enabling easy implementation with different software

Advanced Payment and Processing Technologies, fine-tuned from more than 3 years of development testing

Unified App Store for retail cryptocurrency solutions

Sandbox for early stage development and debugging of software

Opportunity to Deploy Developed Software and Services on a decentralized Lightcash server infrastructure

Our Partners:

World-Class Trading Platform

Lightcash trading will take place on a decentralized trading platform that features an intuitive user interface, with access to real-time market data, charting tools, and transaction history, all at a reasonable exchange charge for high volume trading.

The Lightcash team makes every effort to ensure that your trading platform is both convenient and safe:

Lightcash places great emphasis on IT-security and fiscal transparency. Additionally, 98% of client digital assets and tokens will be stored independently and offline. It is of utmost importantance that client data remains secure and safe. As such, certifications such as PCI DSS will be obtained to serve as evidence of operational safety.

Transactions to buy and sell cryptocurrencies that involve fiat money will be processed immediately in the Lightcash Blockchain.

The Lightcash Team works constantly to provide a high level of customer support, as well as to offer Lightcash clients and users new trading opportunities in the market.

Lightcash Tokens

The total quantity (100%) will be 210 000 000 tokens, with the price of one token equal to 0.0002 ETH.
The plan for token distribution will be as follows:


Pre-ICO (30% Discount), will be held on March 5, 2018, with a minimum purchase amount of 0.1 ETH


ICO begins on March 12th, 2018


Project Team ownership


Advisors and Escrow

Price of 1 LCCT Token : 0.0002 ETH.

Term of token sale: 90 days, with the possibility of an automatic early completion upon attainment of the ICO token sales target.

Advisory Board

Simon Cocking

Reuben Godfrey

Michael E. Bryant

Vitor Lourenco

John Van der Vos

Amosov Roman

Sima Baktas

James Norton

Meet the Team

Vyacheslav VokinCEO
Entrepreneur, Lightcash Co-Founder

Alexey KholmogorovLightcash Co-founder,
Shareholder of "Lapri Mining LLC"

Mikhail MaksimovichCMO
Head of Digital Marketing

Artem YakovlevTeam Leader

Alexander LashkovPublic Relations

Aleksey PechkinSTO
Technical Director

Alexey KrutkoDesigner

Valeriy PopovChief Engineer

Ivan ShevelerChief Geologist

Igor KolomicinChief Mark Surveyor


  • When Will the Lightcash ICO Start?

    Token sale begins on March 12th, 2018 and will last until June 11th, (if the max-limit has been reached). If you need to buy more than 100,000 tokens before the ICO, contact us:

  • When Will the Lightcash App be Launched?

    A minimum viable product (MVP) is currently in the development and testing process. Soon after the conclusion of the ICO, public access to the App will be available.

  • What are the Conditions for the Pre-Sale?

    The token sale is scheduled to begin on March 12th, 2018. It will finish on April 11th, 2018, or on the date on which all issued tokens have been sold (if this happens earlier).

    If you would like to buy more than 500,000 tokens before the ICO starts, drop us a message at

  • What Benefits Will Accrue to Token Holders?

    The benefits to Token holders and the most active users of the Lightcash Platform include: the receipt of higher interest on deposits, reduced commissions for all service services, and unique bonus offers.

  • Is There a Minimum Purchase Amount?

    The minimum purchase amount at the time of sale is only 0.1 ETH, that is, 500 LCCT.

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